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Complete Politics is an independent website based in the United Kingdom with up to the minute political news and analysis alongside some psephology and political history for good measure. Our blog contains up to date articles about recent political events and developments whilst most of the pages on this website are psephology based and contain a multitude of data. There is also information and history about the way that the UK has voted since 1900 as well as a breakdown of the seats won at each general election since 1945 alongside a short commentary. We aim to provide impartial coverage of events although some of our blog posts are opinion based and will reflect the view of the individual contributor. 

Our polling average continues to track public opinion and is updated as new polls are made available. We also maintain a 'nowcast' of how the House of Commons would be formed if a general election were held today.

We are available on twitter and cover all major elections, referendums and political developments as they happen. During major political events, we will live-tweet throughout. Local council by-elections are not included in our coverage but parliamentary by-elections and wider local elections are. 


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