Scottish National Party Target Seats

For the Scottish National Party, 2015 was a high point. The party won 56 out of the 59 constituencies in Scotland with 50 percent of the Scottish vote. In 2017, the party saw its fortunes reversed and lost 21 of its 56 seats as well as 13.1 percentage points from its vote share. Of the 24 seats in Scotland that are not held by the Scottish National Party, 16 of them have majorities of less than 10 percent and require swings of less than 5 percent for the SNP to regain them. 

The UK's constituency boundaries were due to be redrawn in 2018 with the number of constituencies being reduced from 650 to 600. Following the result in 2017, it is currently unclear as to whether the changes will go ahead. If a general election were to be held in the imminent future, it is likely that it would be fought on the existing constituency boundaries. This list of target seats is based on the existing boundaries and will be updated when the situation becomes clear.

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